Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kite Flying!

The girls have been asking to fly kites for a while now, so we finally bought them each a little kite from Target and took them out to try. Travis has a stunt kite so we brought that too.

It was a good blustery day and even though it was a little cool we all had a lot of fun!

Hello Kitty was definitely the preferred kite for the girls.

Princess kite had a hard time staying in the air.

Coming to give Mom a flower <3

Daddy's stunt kite. (A piece broke off the tail so we weren't able to fly it for very long.)

Taking a break while Daddy tries to fix his kite. Emie decided she and Dot needed to make a birthday cake for squirrels. Out of acorns. Of course.

More flying!

Even Mom and Dot got a turn.

This is the point where Dot lost all interest and just wanted to go home.

Out of enthusiasm.

Emie really enjoyed herself!


So done.

When we were ready to leave Travis and I each packed up one of the girls kites to bring them home. Guess which one was mine and which one was his. (Hint: He's the better planner.)

This will definitely happen again, hopefully with the boys next time!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Girls Zoo Day

The girls and I went on an adventure to Hogle Zoo yesterday to renew our membership and enjoy the warm weather.

We got there less than an hour after opening and it was PACKED with people. It looked like multiple school groups were there and apparently there is still at least one school district on spring break this week. (We tend to avoid popular kid activities during spring break because there are too many people.)

Alex and Cassidy were disinterested in joining us so it was a girls day!

 There is a new baby giraffe!

The male lions were out today because one of the lionesses had a litter of three kittens and they are introducing them to the other lioness.


The elephants were being fed and showing off their tricks!

 We went on a carousel ride...

The sea lions and seals were also being fed and doing their tricks this morning!

Emie taking a turn pushing Dot.

Baby orangutan and mama.

Finally some ice cream to finish up our trip!