Saturday, August 13, 2016

Raspberry Pickin' in Payson!

Friday the girls and I decided to head to Payson, Utah with my sister-in-law Pauline and her two girls Callie and Christy to pick raspberries!

It was a beautiful warm day and there were plenty of raspberries for the taking! At $2.50/lb we left with 3lbs for each family! 

Look mom! I found one!

Christy found some too!


Rows and rows and rows of raspberry bushes. 2.5 acres!

This girl ate more than she put in her bucket. I left an extra dollar for all the raspberries eaten.

We had to have a little picnic, of course!

What a great day to be with family! We'll be making a trip out there again to get more raspberries for jam!

(If you are local check out The Raspberry Patch's facebook page for details!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


At the beginning of ever "school year" I start to freak out a little. It's a slow progression from: Hmmm... This book looks really neat to get for Cass for science. (For "science class") Until out of nowhere I'm neck deep in secular curriculum options for kindergarten and 8th grade and trying to figure out how to afford it all and OMG EMIE IS NEVER GOING TO LEARN TO READ!! I'M A FAILURE AS A PARENT!!

Then, and then, I breath. I pick up a book. Free to Learn by Peter Gray. The Big Book of Unschooling by Sandra Dodd.

I remember. My kids don't need to be restrained by curriculum. Emie is 5. Only 5. She can write most of her letters. She can sound out words. She has had NO formal instruction. Just play. She's fine. We've got this.

Cassidy is enjoying learning and living. He's so interested in dinosaurs and evolution. He's going on Pokewalks and hanging out with his best friend. He's reading books about dragons and magic. He's cleaning and cooking and watching his sisters. We're talking about politics and religions and consent.

Alex is reading and gaming and studying for his GED. He's going on walks and meeting up with friends at anime conventions. He's spray painting everything he can get his hands on and making stencils.

We've got this. Refocus.

Remodel our house. Make it amazing. Read new books. Go on hikes. Dance in the rain. (I'm praying to the weather gods for rain!) Cuddle Rufus. Pet the dogs. Bake a cake for no reason.


Now, here is a picture of what would have been Emie's first day of Kindergarten, but instead is just another day of living a life full of joy and freedom.

This life is a good one. I'm so glad we're living it together.