Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hungry Hungry Hippos at the park!

So, I saw a video on Facebook of kids playing "Hungry Hungry Hippos" in a basketball court using skateboards and ball pit balls and laundry baskets. It looked like a ton of fun! I posted it in our unschooling group and today a bunch of us met at a park to make it happen!

The wind was a pain so I think doing it indoors would make things easier, but we all had SO MUCH FUN!!

Some of the older kids ran off in to the surrounding woods and played "The Hunger Games" with Nerf swords and bow and arrows.

Ruby is Dot's new bff.

 I think everyone had a pretty stellar afternoon!

Down Time

Down time is just as important as activity time when we're home together all day every day. Sometimes just we need a week or so to pursue our own interests independent of outside obligations. The last week or so has been like that.

We did get out to the wAIRhouse trampoline park with our unschooling friends one day last week and the kids had a nice time. I left my camera at home.

I chose not to blog at all because it was my birthday week and I jut felt like unplugging.

I did take a few photos though...

Emie wanted pink hair....

Dot has discovered grapes.

Cheddar Bay biscuits were made

Grocery shopping was accomplished.

Blueberry coffee cake was made.

Trips to the library were successful. (Movies, comic books, and books on drawing not pictured.)

Pink highlights <3

Croux-Madame Casserole was a smash hit.

Sleeping Beauty with breakfast.

Puzzles with Emie.

Baking banana nut muffins.

Silly sisters in a basket.
Even when not much is going on, our days are pretty sweet.