Sunday, June 26, 2016

Emie's 5th Birthday Party!

This year, inspired by her friend Ella's birthday party, Emie had a hippy beach party! We had lots of good friends over and it was a really fun time.

When she woke up and went outside to play she spotted her big gift right away.

She was pretty excited to share her trampoline with her friends. (And her siblings!)

Soon family and friends started showing up.

Grandma Colleen brought Minnie Mouse ears!

Grandma wore them the best.

Grandma also made chocolate mouse pie!

The trampoline was put to good use right away!

Tzvia has a sweet little face. (Her mommy is pretty cute too.)

 Our friend Fritz brought pine cones for the kids to paint.

We also supplied some tie dye so everyone could make shirts!

Poppa took a turn on the trampoline but I didn't get a single photo!

Bucket and Matilda found a friend in August.

Michael is a happy little guy!

Present time!

Dot got a couple little gifts too.

Fennekin! Emie and Dot recently discovered Pokemon.

Caden reading Emie her birthday cards.


Nananana BATGIRL!

Ronan had to hug everyone goodbye.

Big kids got a turn on the trampoline too.

Happy 5 years Miss Emie! We couldn't imagine life without you!