Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Millcreek Mosey

The girls and I decided to take a wander around one of Millcreek Canyon's picnic grounds. The trees are just starting to turn and it was fun to let them run and take some photos.

It's a lovely life.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con is one of my favorite events of the year. We have all kinds of geeks in our house so we like to let our flags fly!  This year I only had a pass for Thursday, so I left the girls with Travis and joined the boys for the day!

It begins. Alex is dressed as Daryl from TWD and Cassidy as a plague doctor. Their cousin Alek came along too!

The line to get in.

Transformers hanging out outside the Salt Palace.

A small portion of the vendor floor.

Mario and Luigi

Even Cinderella has a cell phone now...

Most of our group

Iron man and Rowan the tiny Spiderman

I am Groot.

My sneaky against the rules photo of Anthony Daniels (he played C3PO in the original Star Wars movies)

I need this for my back yard.

Lego Thor and Batman

Awesome steampunk dood.

His pack.


Rapunzel, Eugene, and sweet baby Pascal

Baby from Supernatural. I wanted to climb in and cuddle with the seats. Love me some Dean. Sam's okay too.

Baby's trunk, complete with demon trap and salt.

Not-so-ugly step sisters and fairy godmother

This unicorn made a magical tinkling noise constantly...

Sadness, Anger, and Joy.

I was informed these are guys from Halo.

HIM from Powerpuff Girls. Emie freaked out when she saw this picture!

Amazing Jurrasic World costume, probably my favorite of the day.

Michelangelo's costume was totally hand knit, down to his nunchuks!

Carl from TWD. This kid looks so much like him it's freaky.

Most of our crew.

Alex after Willow did his make-up.

It was a geek-tastic day!