Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Carnival 2015

The Salt Lake Unschoolers throw the best parties! We had so much fun at the Halloween carnival today!

The girls were so excited to see their friends dressed up!

My Tasmanian Devil.

Callie is the undead.

Cassidy is a ham... seriously.

My Cowardly Lion.
 So many fun things to do!

Witches brew.


One family brought little individual bags full of everything you need to make "Haunted Houses"!

Emie loved it!

Alex's kept falling apart... Willow's was awesome!

Callie may be a tiny bit of a perfectionist...

Sad Alex...

...he found a solution.

Cake walk!



I have no idea what was going on here... but this is the only picture I got of Cassidy's actual costume...

A bunch of the group all together, for once!

It was a lovely chilly day to be an unschooler!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hee Haw Farms with Salt Lake Unschoolers

This has been a great month for field trips that everyone in our family enjoys. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for a reason! This trip was no exception.

Petting zoo!!

She was picking the goats up and cuddling them.

So pregnant. You could see the baby moving inside.

BUNNIES! Both Alex and Willow wanted to take one home.

Corn maze!

 Hay ride!


A good day to be an Unschooler!