Monday, June 8, 2015

Yellowstone! Part 1 of 3

Oh my. Friends, this trip was the best thing that has happened to my soul in a long time. The scenery was amazing, the kids were excited and engaged, the animals were wild and free, and the people were all so very very kind.

We made this trip with all four kids and our dear friends, Bruce and Elaine. We stayed the first night in Twin Falls, Idaho after a soak at Lava Hot Springs. The second night was spent in a TINY cabin right next to Old Faithful.

Here are some photos from the first two days of our trip! (There were 1000 photos from just the first 2 days there, so I did my best to pare things down to my favorites.)

I'm going to try to caption all of them. Wish me luck!

The storm we drove through on the way to Lava Hot Springs.
 (Not pictured: Lava Hot Springs shenanigans.)

This guy drove the entire trip. I have a hard time driving in places I don't know, so he took one for the team.

Watching Tangled on the Kindle as we drive.



Bright eyes!

Elaine at our first stop inside the Park.

Hiking down to the river...

Cassidy too!

Being a goofball.

It was pretty far down, but there was an established path. Honestly, last year I doubt I would have "allowed" them to go down there. This year, I have a lot more trust.

Alex pretending to rock climb.

I kept saying "Just stop it with all the beauty!!"

Lunch break!

Our own personal historian and fact finder!

Out of the car seat and ready to wander!

Decompression time.


Our first walk to look at geysers and hot springs.

I was happy that these two seemed to enjoy each others company for the majority of the trip.

The fire left behind some REALLY neat trees and roots.

Happy to be out of the car I think!

Bruce giving a primer on how hot springs work.

I think this was my favorite spring in the whole park.

Can you say "thermophile"? That's what causes these amazing colors!

The snake Emie spotted. She named him Kristoff, because of course she did.


The front of our first cabin at Old Faithful!
Cheesy monkey.

Running around waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.

Made friends at Old Faithful.

Tula's are the freaking best thing ever, just FYI.

This clock inside the Old Faithful Inn was the source of many discussions.

Taking in the glory that is the Old Faithful Inn.

See that? That is a REALLY angry beaver that the boys disturbed by jumping on his log.

Cassidy took about 500 pictures of beautiful flowers. More to come. He gets better and better at it.

Testing the chairs for safety.

The yellow tour bus!!

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

The beginning...

...the middle...

...the end.

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