Saturday, August 15, 2015

Party in the Park

So, two days after our awesome hike at Donut Falls my idiot dog named Bucket ran in to my right leg going 4 billion miles an hour and gave me a grade 3 sprained ankle and a hairline fracture in my fibula. It sounds worse than it is, I promise. It is going to limit me for a bit because I'm stuck in an air cast for at least a couple of weeks while I heal and to prevent further injury.

I feel like I might be on the only person on the planet who can get a broken ankle from a pug/cocker spaniel.

Despite my stupid injury, we met some friends today at the Jordan Valley Conservation Garden Park for their "Party in the Park" event!

It was a lot of fun! Emie enjoyed it the most I think. There was a scavenger hunt for the kids that had them go to different stations to learn about pollinators and their purpose in growing plants and food! When they filled a stamp card from all the different stations they got to hand it in for a headband with little bee antenna attached! Super cute.

There was also a butterfly release of about 250 butterflies! The girls thought that was super exciting and I just took some photos and took deep breaths while willing none of them to land on me. (I like butterflies just fine from a distance but they totally gross me out up close. I DO NOT approve of them touching me. Ever. At all.)

Anna and Elsa were there, because of course they were, as was Spiderman, for photo ops!


Pretending to be a bee and pollinating the right plants with the right pollen!

Matching the plant to the pollinator!

Yucca plant is fun to say!

Learning about our local water sources like snow run off and how we can help conserve water.

She was very proud of the button she earned for learning about the water cycle.

A story about what parts of different plants we eat.


Listening to a story all about bees sight and other senses!

Butterfly Emie!


Checking out some of the butterflies before they're released.
Best seat in the place!

There they go!

So excited to meet Elsa again!

Dot just kept saying "Anna! Elsa!" but wouldn't talk to them or go near them.
What a fun day! Even though we had to hobble around slowly with my sad leg!

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  1. I love that flower-bigger-than-her-head photo of Emie!! <3 Made me smile.
    Glad you're puttering along!!! xxoo