Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Friday of Fun, Part 1: Tulip Festival!

Friday was a day of great adventure. Grandma Debbie is staying with us so we took her out for a day on the town! Our first stop was Thanksgiving Point for their annual Tulip Festival.

This also marks the fact that it's been about a year since I began this blog. It's the longest I've continuously kept up something and I'm so happy that I have because looking back on all these memories and all the amazing growth both intellectually and emotionally (not to mention physically!) that my family has gone through is such an amazing thing.

Anyway! To the photos!

Thanksgiving Point is really a beautiful place...

Learning some of the names of the tulips we're about to see...

Taking a break with Grandma...

Mom! I'm flying!!

A mother owl and her three owlets!
Emie discovered the foam from the waterfalls is fun to play in!

It convinced Dot that getting out of the Tula to explore was worth it!

There are so so so many stunning varieties of plants and flowers.

My favorite!

These white tulips with the shaggy edges were another favorite.

These should be renamed the "EmieDot" variety. They're purple and pink!

I love this quote <3

Kids explore and touch and smell. So many ways to learn about the world.


Angry faces!

Silly faces!

Can you see the disco ball?

Emie gone wild!

Bouncy slide because of course.

Grandma hugs!

I said "Emie! Duck!" She did this and said "QUACK!"

What a beautiful place!

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