Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum!

I've had quite a few doctors appointments in the last month and some extended family struggles but I'm finally getting back in to the swing of things!

The girls and I went to Thanksgiving Point to check out their Museum of Ancient Life! Emie brought her camera, but I haven't been able to find the cord to pull some of the pictures off of it yet.

Emie was documenting everything we saw.

This was a horse.

"Wow... it's so ripple-y!"


They really like this dinosaur bone puzzle.  Emie figured out where all the bones went and Dot helped her place them. It was really good to see them actually working together without any screaming or hair pulling.

So proud!

Dot didn't have a single problem with this shark. Emie wouldn't go near it!

The water erosion table and digging for "fossils" in the quarry dig were a huge hit!!

We'll be back soon with more of our homeschooling adventures!

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