Thursday, July 28, 2016

Theater Camp, and Friends, and Birthdays! Oh My!

Cass has had a really busy 5 weeks. He went to theater camp through Open Community Theater and loved it! It was 5 weeks of pushing boundaries, trying new things, memorizing lines, dances, and songs, and making some new friends.

Because of our homeschooling ways he wasn't used to having to be up early every morning and ready to leave the house, so the first week was a bit rough. Not to mention that he was nearly crippled by the fact that he would have to memorize a monologue and music piece for auditions for the musical. Those were a couple of rough days. I think it reminded him of school testing which was extremely stressful for him. I reminded him that it was for camp. No one was going to throw him out or give him a bad grade! All he had to do was try and it would be considered a success.

He toughed it out and did his audition and got a small speaking roll in the musical! He also participated in the Shakespeare and Comedy Improv (his favorite) camps.

I, obviously, didn't follow him around camp with a camera for 5 weeks but I did steal some photos from OCT's website! There is also a video of the entire musical at the bottom of this post. It's really cute and funny and you can tell how hard the kids worked on it!


This is Will, one of the teachers. He is a great instructor and Cassidy really likes him.


They went on two different back stage field trips at two different theaters!

We celebrated Cass's birthday last Saturday with some friends, family, and cake! (I made the cake. It had a cloud vomiting a rainbow on it.)

I think Cass has had a pretty great summer!

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