Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And we're back!

We've had some illness in the house the last couple weeks so I'm just getting a chance to take photos and post here again.

The boys were doing a lot of "curriculum" work from My Tech High the last couple weeks because I wasn't feeling up to a lot of outings or getting neck deep in any projects. I thought today would be a good day to take a break from that because it was snowing and that always makes me feel "project-y".

 Breakfast with Aladdin.

 Someone has to do the shoveling.

Cass has been showing a lot of interest in cosplay lately. Specifically in creating a cosplay of his favorite character from his current favorite game. Pyro from Team Fortress 2. I am all for this idea... he's found a tutorial to make some giant "robotic" gloved hands and we've got a good idea what his jump suit should look like.

Today Cass started the quest to learn to sew. He started on a little pillow. He says he really likes it and is excited to make more stuff!

 Practice stitches.

This is where letting kids follow their own passions goes. I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought to introduce him to sewing. Never.

Alex wanted to draw me something, but realized he had set his ambitions too high and had to rethink his project for today. While I was at the grocery store he called asking which attachment was the paddle for the stand mixer. I told him and was a little... nervous.... about what I was going to walk in to when I got home.

He was making cookies. My favorite recipes for chocolate chip cookies, actually! I got home in time to help give him a little advice when he got stuck or was unsure about what to do.

 Making "cookie balls". 14 year old boys can't say the word "balls" without snickering.
 Watching big brother baking and eating bananas.

The cookies turned out PERFECT and delicious!

Guys. These are good. So good.
Alex wants to try baking more things. Baking. My 14 year old video game and comic book loving son really seems to dig baking. Again, never would have thought...

The more often and farther away we move from traditional "school at home" the bigger surprises I'm met with and the more impressed I am with my children's abilities. Really.

This is life. This is our life. It's getting more amazing every day.

P.S. Here are two photos I just had to share from the last couple weeks.

 She loves loves loves spaghetti. Loves.

Look closely. There is a hawk perched in those trees. Travis spotted him.

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