Monday, March 23, 2015

Time keeps on slipping...

A couple weeks ago I was in a car accident. The kids, luckily, were at home. I wasn't at fault, so the other guys insurance is paying to have Quincy the Van fixed and for my medical bills (which should be minimal, whiplash related stuff).

Poor Quincy...
It's been slow going around here for the most part because of the accident. Not a lot of outings or adventures, but lots of outside in the yard time.

The yard is in bloom and it's lovely to look at... except for our destroyed grass. We replaced our water main and finished our basement a year and a half ago and it ruined our yard. (Although we now have a dirt pile from digging out the window wells and the girls LOVE playing and digging in it!)

I also remembered this sad old rusted out wheelbarrow we have in our yard... I decided we're going to salvage it and use it as a planter for lettuces!

In more "school-y" news:

Alex has decided to take the GED when he turns 16. (That's in about a year and a half.) He's started taking practice tests and he wants to study the things he's lacking so he'll be sure to pass.

I vividly remember wanting to do this exact same thing when I was a junior in high school and the district did everything they could to stop me. They succeeded. I'm so glad Alex won't have to deal with that ridiculous bureaucracy.

If he should change his mind, no harm, no foul. He can always go back our regular old homeschooling/ unschooling ways or even back in to public school if he wants.

Cassidy is working on his times tables. It was torture for him to memorize them in school, so he never did. He wants to work on some higher level math stuff and it will be so much easier if he has his multiples through ten memorized. He's practicing by just copying a multiplication 10x10 chart that I laminated over and over to start. Just to get used to seeing (and writing) the numbers and their order. He's going to try filling in the chart without the answer sheet once a week to see his progress. I think he's going to add flash cards in next week.

I think he's going to start a new sewing project this week to work on his goal of creating a cosplay costume.

He's also been playing Dragon Box on my phone quite a bit. When he beats it I'm going to get him the next level of the game (Alegbra 12+).

Emie is really into puzzles and board games right now. And being outside. She likes practicing her letters and I'm considering getting her a preschool work book. She asks to "do school work" at least 5-6 times a week and I think a fun work book would fill that request.

I've relearned how to knit and have been making little knit dolls for the girls. My aunt requested one for her great-granddaughter, so I'll be starting on that one this week when I get new yarn for it. I'm really enjoying creating something tangible.

I've been cooking a lot lately too and I'm going to try and remember to take photos of things so I can post more of my favorite recipes here!

I hope spring is coming along nicely for everyone else out there! What are you and your kids working on right now?

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