Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Time Holiday!

If you haven't noticed, we aren't particularly religious around here. We do enjoy celebrating though and I'll take any excuse I can to shake things up around here.

My darling Dad brought "Easter" gifts by for the girls (he didn't realize the boys were here as they usually spend the weekend at their dad's house) so Emie asked what Easter is and it got us started on a conversation about different religions and beliefs. Not a deep conversation, she's not even four yet!

I decided we'd pick the parts of the holiday that suit us and leave the rest behind.

So, we dyed eggs that night:

We let her help as much as she wanted...

...but she really wanted to drink out of the coloring cups. :(

That night, for the first time in my adult life, the Easter Bunny visited my house. I have to admit I had a great time picking out gifts and goodies for the kids and staying up late putting the baskets together.

I stuck to the "renewal of life/ fertility/ spring time" theme for their prizes. Bubbles and big wands, watering cans and sunflower seeds to plant, eggs filled with candy and sweets, books about spring time, and Big Hero 6 for the boys because that movie is awesome.

I'm hoping to continue this theme and have a little celebration in the midst of each season from now on. We already celebrate the winter solstice and Thanksgiving so we just need to figure out something for the summer! I'm thinking around the 4th ;)

When the girls woke up, we got dressed and I set them to finding the eggs we dyed around the house while I woke the boys and started breakfast.

After that Bruce and Elaine came over for breakfast and shenanigans! We let the kids in to the living room where I had hidden the plastic eggs and their baskets!

Elaine went and planted flowers with the girls while I finished up breakfast.

Then food and playing!!

I think we all had a lovely morning and I'm so happy to have a new tradition!

**Travis was out of town for all of this, but came home that night.

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