Thursday, April 30, 2015

Terrible Socializers

Oh, socialization. The ultimate concern of people who have never interacted with home schooled kids. Most people who "worry" about "lack of socialization" usually have gathered their information about the social skills of the home educated from the media and that one weird homeschooled kid who started school when they were in 7th grade and didn't have any friends. (If you have a story like this, it means you probably didn't bother trying to make friends with that poor weird new kid, either. Nice social skills school taught you, right?)

We have lots of friends. Some of them are homeschoolers too.

Some of them aren't.

Some of them are close to the same age.

Most are not.

We spend time out in the world interacting with people in a genuine way. 

The strange social structure created in school is never again repeated in real life. At no other time are we forced in to a room with only people of nearly our exact age and told to make friends. Only in school is it normal for a year or two age difference to mean you can't be friends. 

Our social group is diverse and amazing. We welcome all types of people with all different ages, interests, and backgrounds in to our world. It creates a rich and flourishing look in to the community that you just can't get from school. 

So yeah, we're terrible socializers too. We don't spend our day stuck in an age defined classroom with no real interaction with the beauty and dynamics of daily life in the real world. Poor us.

It's just these 3 and the baby. Alone. Together. All day. Every day.

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