Friday, November 6, 2015

When no one is looking...

I take photos almost everyday. Photos of the kids playing, of the dogs dogging, of the kitchen looking sparkly clean, of crafts, of projects for the big and little people in the house.

I never really post these because I thought it would be boring and I don't really have the time or inclination to make a tiny post every day. I've decided to have a weekly post instead! That way I can share all the fun little things we do throughout the week and maybe give other people ideas to steal from.

Here's our first installment of:

There is always painting. Almost daily. So much painting that we have to pick our very favorite pictures to save or our walls would be covered within the week.

Thank the gods for non toxic washable paint!

Since it's autumn I looked online for some fun fall themed activities to do. So far this one is a big hit! All you need is pie pumpkins,  (they're not as hard to push/hammer things in to and they're smaller) pushpins, golf tees, wooden mallets, and rubber bands.

Dot LOVED pushing the pins in to the pumpkin, but wasn't in to the golf tees and mallet. I think it was just beyond her skill level.

 Emie, on the other hand, loved the tees and mallet! Her coordination is much better so it was more fun.

The rubber bands were fun for all of us. Dot just had fun figuring out how to stretch the rubber bands on to the pins. Emie like figuring out what kind of shapes she could make.

We used painter's tape to make "mazes" for the girls to blow little pompoms through! Emie figured it out pretty quick and Dot had fun just blowing them around or moving them through her "maze" with her fingers.

That's all for this week (so far)! I'll try and post one of these every Friday with new fun ideas. I'm hoping to find some activities the boys will like too.

Have any activities your family loves? Share in the comments here or on Facebook so I can try them out too!

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