Thursday, November 12, 2015

Living Planet Aquarium 11/10/15

We go to the aquarium fairly often because we have a membership, but I don't take photos there often anymore. This time we took Callie, my niece, and met up with friends so I brought my camera along.

(A side note about memberships: Our memberships make it possible for us to visit favorite locations often, which would be impossible to afford without them. It's my favorite thing to ask for when family asks what the kids need during the gift giving holidays.)


Electric eel! There's a little touch pad that sends a shock of electricity through your fingers to show you what the eel's electricity feels like!

Comparing themselves to an anaconda.

Looking at the actual anaconda.

This guy looks like a flattened turtle with a shovel for a head... so neat!

Cass and Callie reading about shovel turtle (Not it's real name)

Amazon Giants!! My favorite!

Emie loves the rope bridge.

Gah... my kids...

This little guy is carrying a tadpole on his back to help it survive!

Callie's favorites!

Accidental selfie.

Toddler tunnels....
...or Callie tunnels.

Actual size of a Leatherback Sea Turtle.

Callie's favorite fish this trip.

What a fun day!

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