Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wheeler Farm with my ladies

It was too warm to stay inside this week so we headed to Wheeler Farm to see if some of the baby animals had been born yet. We were in luck and saw a few!!

First were the chicks!

The cows were adorable! The mama cow was so friendly with Emie that she gave her a big lick on the arm! I wish I had caught a picture of it! The calves were really cute too, but they wouldn't come close enough to touch them.

Horses, goats, and sheep are always fun. The goats especially love the attention!

 This is Gerald the Pig! His keeper told us he was going to be a daddy soon because one of the female pigs was due to give birth any day!
 Gobble gobble!


This creek is beautiful in the summer! I can't wait for the green to come back in to our lives!

Stopping to play and snack.


Resting on a wagon before we head to the car.

Dot insisted we take a picture of the "huge, fluffy horses". 

These poor ducks. There was a group of teenage school kids herding them around and upsetting them. I told them to knock it off and they went scurrying off. I didn't want to get closer for a picture because I think they had been stressed out enough for the day.

What a fun way to spend a couple of hours! We'll definitely be back when the weather warms up again to see if more babies have been born!

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