Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Park Day of the Year!

Yesterday was freakishly warm at 63° so we threw open the windows and let the springtime in to the house! After a morning of puttering and cleaning the girls were stir crazy so we headed to the little park up the road to burn off some energy!

*Side note: Emie is in a boot to help correct some shenanigans going on with her ankle after a sprain. 3 weeks and she should be all healed up. No jumping at all and no walking without the boot until then. She's taken to crawling around the house in the morning until we get her dressed and her boot on.

Dot LOVES swinging.

The boot didn't slow her down at all!

They both like the giant teeter totter



Climbing in the boot.

Really, nothing stops this kid.!
We had a good day and it was so nice to enjoy the sunshine and warm air before we get cooler weather and rain for a while.

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