Monday, February 2, 2015

Some weekends...

Amidst the fun of the classes the boys took on Friday and Saturday, other things happened too!
Playdough is for more than just sculpting!

Fixing his baby sisters stroller.

Sometimes science looks like video games...

Emie's newest obsession is puzzles.

Video games with a napping baby.
 This weekend was the Superbowl. We don't really do professional sports around here usually, but Travis wanted to watch this year. I figured since we were having his mom Debbie and her husband Bruce over it was an excuse to eat good food. I bought a prime rib roast.

It was ridiculously delicious. Everyone enjoyed it. (The boys were with their dad so, unfortunately, they missed out!)

It was a nice mellow evening and the team I randomly decided to cheer for (based off of having been born in New England) won!

One last public service announcement:

If you are preheating an oven and you leave a glass lid inside it, the lid will shatter at 250F. Just FYI.

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