Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun with Friends

Some weeks we get to spend more time with friends than usual. It's nice when this happens. The kids don't spend 8 hours a day in classrooms being told not to socialize, so they definitely make the most of the hang out time they get.

Thursday morning the boys did some curriculum work and built a paper manipulative thingy I saw on Facebook. It was Pretty neat. Emie helped.

Dot found something productive to do while I was distracted...

Thursday afternoon we spent with our BFF's, Jess and her kids.We weren't sure we would see them again before Valentines day, so we brought them their V-day gifts.

Dot looooovvvveeeessss baby dolls.

Friday we went to a bounce house play place with our unschooling group. It was one of our friends birthday so it was an extra special day!

These guys played  hide and seek so well...

...when it was time to go I couldn't find them!

Mr. L the birthday boy (in green)

And a lovely time was had by all!


  1. <3 So nice to get to hang out with you!
    And I'm on that paper thing tomorrow!!