Wednesday, February 4, 2015


There is a problem with most blogs I read. They aren't real life. By that I mean, they are just a snippet of the sweet beautiful moments of real life.

There are no pictures of a mom with poop all over her hand and arm from a runaway toddler.

There is no mention (usually) about the three year old's inability to understand that sometimes mom just needs to not be touched.

No one really stops to photograph their one year old's epic melt down.

No one wants to share their failures or their messy home and dirty kids.

Well I do. I've decided to do a reality check at least once a month so that anyone reading this doesn't get the idea that everything in our lives is always sunshine and video games.

Here it goes.

Monday night we built Emie a cardboard house we got from the hobby store. I ended up with more paper cuts than I care to mention, but the girls love it.

 After, we got the girls bundled up in pajamas and tucked in to bed at usual....

and then Dot woke up at 2am and would go back to sleep...
until nearly 9am... So cute, so exhausting.

So our morning started off with a pot of half caff coffee that made me feel slightly more awake and on the verge of a panic attack the rest of the day.
Thanks Generalized Anxiety Disorder for making this lovely stuff almost impossible to consume.

Tuesday is bread making day. I love bread making day. It smells delicious. Unfortunately my kitchen spent most of the day looking like this:
I literally just pushed stuff around to make room for bread making.

Dot was full of melt downs all day, do to lack of sleep. Cassidy was building a robot from the hobby shop and Dot was totally mad she couldn't eat all the tiny pieces.

 Our dogs are a big part of our day. Feeding them, cuddling them, yelling at them to be quiet. Bucket is the black one. Matilda is the tan. They're both pug mixes and they're both loud and sometimes obnoxious, but I love them. We all do.

Also- clothes are for the weak.
A lot of loafing about and nonsense was done yesterday. I was exhausted so I didn't have the energy to enthusiastically encourage doodly-squat.

Doc McStuffins is awesome.
Big brothers are awesome
Video games can be awesome.
Getting a picture taken while trying to eat a pretzel roll is also awesome.


The kids ran amok through the house. Eventually the kitchen got picked up and I started dinner.

 Dinner last night was a gigantic fail. I mean... really... it was sludge.
After taking this photo I took a xanax. It was a long day.
Alex's face says it all.
So we ate frozen pizza instead. AND THAT'S OKAY TOO.

The girls had a bath and mani/pedi's while the boys played Xbox.
Extremely unflattering photo of me, but who cares! LOOK AT MY BIG GIRL!

Not pictured:
 Dot freaking out over her inability to remove the nail polish from her toes by rubbing them on every object she can find. (Thank the gods for instant dry nail polish)
Me running around the house like a crazy person looking for nail polish remover. Calling Travis at work when I couldn't find it. Realize we're totally out.
Trying to convince Dot to come to me so I can hold her but she's now terrified that I'm going to paint her entire body pink. (I assume.)

Eventually Dot calmed down and nursed to sleep. Emie got a chance to curl up in my lap and read a bedtime story or two.

The boys wandered down to bed eventually.

Travis came home and the dishes were done, but the mutant dinner was still in the cast iron on the stove. (It still is, actually.)

We put Emie to bed and sat down to share a pint of Ben & Jerry's Fro Yo Cherry Garcia. I had a glass of wine. We watched Person of Interest.

Real life people. It's not all perfectly shot photos and deliciously perfect dinners. It's sludge and hysterics and panic attacks and wine and dirt and love.

It's real good.

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