Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Mini Vacation

We don't take a lot of vacations. We usually plan one or two big trips a year and then do a dozen or so day trips.

It was a really nice surprise when our dear friend Bruce offered to let us use a time share at Snowbird Ski Resort.

Travis had to work so I called my dear friend Jess and she and her three kids joined us at the Iron Blosam Lodge for some swimming and hanging out in the mountains!

Thanks, Bruce!!
Pizza before our first swim! Liam approved.

Dot calls it "peetzee" and it's her favorite food. Ever.

The ladies enjoyed their meal on the balcony...

...watched over by this horrible picture ruin-er.

The view from our suite.


Kieran was pretty excited about the whole thing.

The mothers must prepare.

One of the best big brothers of all time.
Heated pool.

This face <3

One of my favorite people on the planet.

Pool view.


Bagels for breakfast.

Patiently waiting for the pool to open at 10am.




The view on the way home. Gorgeous.
Not pictured: Jess and I got to go swim in the "Adults Only" pool after the kids were settled for the night. It was raining and cold and the pool was deliciously hot. Shout out to Alex for watching the kids so we could have some special grown up lady time!

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