Wednesday, May 13, 2015


(I hope that you sang the title of this post in your head as you read it...)

The past week or so has brought some interesting changes to our lives!

First, Travis is now working a morning shift. For the last 7-8 years he's been working evenings, from about 11am until 8pm. Monday marked the first day of his new shift, 4:30am until 12:30pm! This means he'll be home during the day and be able to join in our daily shenanigans for the first time ever! YAY! This also means he gets to eat dinner with us every night too! I'm really looking forward to having him around to share in the daytime/evening fun around here.

Next, after a long talk and some soul searching on Alex's part, he's decided to attend 9th grade part time next year. He's planning to take math and possibly a couple electives. He still plans to take his GED next fall, so the math class should help him reach that goal. The electives are just for fun.

I'm a little sad about his return to regular schooling, but he really misses the social time associated with it. We could easily learn all the things he wants to at home, but I cannot recreate that environment for him. I could also refuse to let him return and keep in home because, honestly, that would be so much easier for me. I won't do that.

I vividly remember my junior high and high school experiences and how "out of control" I felt. It was obvious to me that the school system felt my opinion about my schooling was unimportant. This sparked  a combative relationship between me and education as a whole. (Except for the time I spent in Learning Community, but that will have to wait for another post.)

Alex deserves to have a say in his education and in his social life. This is his life he's living and I have no desire or drive to live it for him. I will, however, do everything in my power to give him the resources that can help make it a productive, joyful, and fulfilling life for him.

Cassidy will be staying home for another year, as will Emie and Dot, obviously. Cassidy is excited to try climbing lessons this summer, for our trip to Yellowstone in a couple weeks, and for a trip to a family cabin with his cousins.

Emie is excited the sky is blue and the sun is shining and that she'll be four years old in about 6 weeks!

Dot may or may not be excited about the yogurt she's currently shoveling in to her mouth. It's hard to tell.

(Sorry this is a picture-less post. The next one will be all photos. Maybe. Or maybe just one photo. Of a chicken. Who knows.)

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