Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh Me Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!

(Title slightly stolen from Sandra Boynton, sorry not sorry. That lady is a genius!)

Today the girls and I made a quick trip to the Hogle Zoo for their "Zoorassic Park" event that runs from May through September 2015. There are a bunch of animatronic dinosaurs spread throughout the zoo. We didn't realize it but today was also water conservation day, so we learned a little bit about the water cycle and water use, too!

Dorothy LOVES dinosaurs. Loves. She was so excited about every single one, roaring at them and pointing excitedly! Emie is a big fan too and loved it. She asked to go back pretty much as soon as we left.

Some photos!

Emie kept shushing people to be quiet for the baby dinosaur.

Dot just pointed and ROARED!

Emie was practicing her roar.

I think these were Dot's favorite...

...she kept signing "baby" and then roaring!

Emie asked me to read almost every sign.

The adult and baby dilophosaurus spit water at passersby.

Emie thought that was pretty hilarious.

We finished our visit with ice cream because of course.

We had such an amazing time and are definitely going back next week!! Hopefully we'll have friends with us next time!

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