Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I've been missing for a couple months. The winter months bring hibernation and a case of the seasonal sads. I also attended two births and being on call makes getting out and about difficult.

We've still been living a beautiful life and learning and loving and playing and growing.

We made a trip to North Carolina for 13 days to visit my mom, grandmother, and my sister and her family. It was so nice to spend time with family. Traveling can be stressful and after a long trip we were all happy to get home and back to our usual non-routine routine.

Alex got a guitar from his grandma when we got home so he's excited to start learning how to play that along with piano.

Cassidy is learning to code Java and how to get his Raspberry Pi up and running with Linux. He's still totally in to the Alien movie series and sci-fi in general.

Emie is having fun learning letter sounds and sounding out short words. She's trying out Tae Kwon Do tonight. She still loves painting and coloring and writing her name and other letters.

Dot is learning colors and shapes. Letters and numbers. She likes dancing, music, babies, and doodling.

I'm missing nature a lot lately so I'm hoping to get the kids out in to it soon to fix it.

I hope everyone's holidays were shiny and bright and full of joy!

I'll be back soon with more of our shenanigans!

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