Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things and Happenings in the Inbetween

Shenanigans have been afoot. I haven't been too wonderful at photographing all the fun, but fun was had nonetheless.

The Natural History Museum's home education day!

What's in there Emie?
Writing down his most memorable weather event.

Native American sun and moon masks.

Constellation chart.

Properly placing all the parts of a cell.

The girls were pretty excited when I told them their Grandpa Jack and Donna have wolf dogs at their home in Montana. I think a visit is in the near future!

"Mom! So many ants!!"

Matching DNA

All things electronic get noticed...

...Like this interactive model of the earth.

Playing in the sand/water table that demonstrates how water helps create the landscapes in our world.

The Queen of Rock Mountain!

The Princess!

Plate tectonics!

Excavating a Native American dwelling!

Putting pots back together.

Digging up dinosaur bones!

There are buttons you can push that recreate smells. This one is decomposing flowers.

This one is decomposing dinosaur. It smelled AWFUL and Emie just kept pushing it over and over until we were forced to leave the area because of the stench!

Time to play with some dinosaurs!

The boys caught up with us in time to play with the magnetic 3D geometric building blocks.

We also had a Valentines Day party with the Little's Co-op.

Finally, today the girls were stir crazy so we drove out to Thanksgiving Pointe to the Museum of Natural Curiosity! It is probably my favorite children's museum ever.


I was so proud of Dot. She was really nervous about climbing up the rope bridges by herself at first but by the end she was loving it!

On the plane!

Testing to see if she can hang as long as a sloth!

Playing at the market with another little girl.


Practicing veterinary skills.

X-ray's included.

Skiing on the green screen!

She's magic!

Blowing giant bubbles in the laundromat

The finale was a duet dance performance!
So, we've been missing here because we've been out in the world. I'm going to do my best to take more pictures and keep up here again!

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