Sunday, February 21, 2016

Old Friends and Best Friends

Yesterday our friends Kelli and Erik asked for a little help replacing a toilet from Travis, so we all got to go over and hang out! Their oldest son Noah is one of my favorite people ever. I had the pleasure of being his part time nanny for the first year of his life. Now he has a little brother named Michael who is only two months old but seems to be shaping up to be just as amazing as his big brother. I was there for both of their births and Kelli is one of my best friends. It's always great when we can find the time to get together.

Kelli and I chatted, listened to the bigger kids being crazy, and took turns snuggling sweet Michael. The men folk fiddled with the toilet. We ordered pizza. Then it was time to get the kids out of the house to wear them out a bit before it got too dark and cold!

I think they had a pretty good time while it lasted!




Terrify your mother by climbing up high!

To the slide!!

Handsome bundled up boy!

King of the Snow!



By the time we got home Dot was out cold! It was a very good day.

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