Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Trip to the Zoo with Aunt Elaine

Tuesday Alex went on a long hike to some hot springs with friends and Cassidy was lounging around recovering from illness, so the girls and I went to the zoo with their honorary Aunt Elaine.

The giraffes are one of our favorite animals at the zoo and they were out and active while we were there!
I want these in my front yard. My neighbors would love me even more.

Aunt Elaine reading about different animal feet.

Have you ever seen a giraffe drink? It's crazy how far they have to get down to get water! We talked to the docent that was answering questions and he said this male is the only giraffe at the zoo who actually bends his knees to drink!

Lazy lions.

Dot said this monkey looks sad.

Dot's favorite animal! The elephants!

The baby was playing with a tree branch by hitting things... she and Dot should be friends.

Emie was more interested in the bamboo than the stegosaurus.

Emie is an egg...

Dot is the bird that comes out of it!

Sun worshiping otter. He senses the coming winter.

Emie made a new friend in this playful seal.

"Hi. Why are you out there? The water's fine!"

Talking about tide pools.


Pushing on the tiger toy.

Can you spot the snow leopard?

The wolves are one of my favorites.
 A trip to the zoo on a hot day isn't complete without ice cream!

Dot is still learning how to get food in her mouth instead of on her clothes.

What a fun day with a good friend!

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