Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tracy Aviary with the Salt Lake Unschoolers

Labor day was a nice slow day at home. We had some family over for Travis's delicious smoked pork shoulder. I meant to take more pictures but I enjoyed hanging out with my family instead.
"Look Mom! I'm bee! bzzzzzzz!"

Enjoying the smell of plum smoke in the morning.

A beautiful morning.

Catching smoke.

Bee-ing. heh.

This face <3

The next day we joined our unschool group at Tracy Aviary. It's such a fun little spot with lots of things to see and do!
Cass was excited to see Kieran again!

Rowan and Emie playing with trucks while we wait for the rest of the group.

I think end of summer flowers are my favorite.

There's something about them that makes me think of cool morning and hot coffee, warm blankets and cuddling.

Friends horsing around.

In the tepee.

Golden Eagles

Hiding from the dinosaurs.


The talk of Godzilla and Alien never ends

Faces going places

Illusive teenagers
Nest building

"There's poop down there!"

Learning from friends.

"Mom! What happened to their legs?!"
Playing in the tall grass.

More climbing...

...and more.

Secret meetings.

Momma peacock
Dorothy is enamored with Maddie whenever she is around.




More talk.

Old friend but new company. We went to high school together now we're taking our kids on field trips together!


Big helpers.

Maddie is full of amazing tricks.

Climbing on the rocks.

Splashing in the water.

Danger Dot.

Found the teenagers again.

"I'm a bird!"
Climbing in to...
...the bird house.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of this guy.
Feeding the birds.

Feeding ducks.


A momma and her babies in the tree.

Feeding the swan.
 We had so much fun with our friends yesterday! A wonderful outing.

Emie found this guy on our table at dinner and was so upset he had to go live outside that I took a picture so she could remember him forever...

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  1. I love that Dot likes Maddie so much. Love to see her smile at her. : )
    And so many fun photos... sweet babies!!