Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cosplay Games with Salt Lake Comic Con!

The boys desperately want to go to the Salt Lake City Comic Con this year. Tickets for all three days are pretty pricey so they've been saving their pennies to attend.

Comic Con posted on their Facebook page about a Cosplay competition to win three-day passes by figuring out some clues, dressing in costume, and  taking a picture at each of the ten places you were led to by the clues!

It was a lot of fun, but we walked 5 miles in just a few hours and my feet feel like falling off! Totally worth it though!  Free 3-day passes for both boys! (They got a free Thursday pass from a Zombie walk they attended and I'm going to use that!

We had Daryl and Beth of Walking Dead fame, the Plague Doctor, a Scout from Team Fortress 2, and the Gunslinger (I'm not sure where that character comes from...)


 Daryl Dixon and Plague Doctor rid the train...

 So many cosplayers wandering downtown!

 Someone was really excited about V's Scout costume!

The line at the end to pick up your passes.

This group was awesome!


So many amazing costumes and much fun was had. A good lunch of mall food was consumed after and joy was felt by all!

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  1. So awesome.
    It looks like such a great time!
    I'm so happy for them getting free tickets!! Woot!!! xoxo