Monday, September 21, 2015

State Fair 2015

Our normal family adventure to the state fair is on a weekend and the two bigs are at their dad's house. This year we shook things up and went with friends on a Monday. It was SO MUCH more enjoyable without the insane crowds! The boys got to come with us and ride all the fun carnival rides! We ate good fair food but I forgot about funnel cake! Travesty!! We'll have to learn how to make it at home so I can get my once a year fix!

There was no way Alex and Cassidy were sticking their heads in there...

The teenagers off to the rides and fair food!
 There is a little "farm" for little kids to go through to learn about where their food comes from.. You feed the cow and milk it, plant seed and harvest your crop, ride your tractor, sell your goods, and use your money to buy a treat!

The girls picked apples for their treat!
 This was Emie's first time ever riding a carnival rides! She loved it!

Watching Emie and Rowan on the rides.

Dorothy had a hard time not being able to join the other little kids on the rides... Next year Dot!

Rowan arrested Emie...
Her crime?

Being older than Dot.
 The all-you-can-eat ice cream tent soothed the savage beasts...

Caught up with the big kids riding rides and got a couple photos...

That popsicle was delicious!!

 Of course we had to take a stroll through the animal pens!

Emie wanted a picture in front of the big statue.
It was a lovely day with lovely friends!

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