Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dot's Donut Birthday Party!

Dot's favorite treat is donut's so after my friend Jen sent me a picture of a donut birthday "cake" I couldn't resist the idea!

Despite the fact that almost everyone invited cancelled at the last minute, we had a great time and we are still eating the left over donuts!

Donut cake!

Birthday Girl!

So much yummy food!

Poppa and Aunt Elaine


Grandma Colleen

Aunt Elaine and Alex

 Somehow I didn't get a single picture of Bruce or Cassidy...

Emie got Joy as a "thanks for being a tolerant big sister" gift.

Her very own Mulan doll.

Felt food for she and Emie's new kitchen!

This was a cooking set to make a giant donut cake!

She loves her cape!
 "Cake" time!!

(Stop it with the pictures mom.)

Kate loves donuts too!

She's still carrying Mulan around and it's been 3 days since the party!
I would say it was a success. We are so lucky to have good friends and family!

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