Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spooky Science with the Salt Lake Unschoolers

We headed to the park yesterday to get our science on! Much play and many experiments. Travis even made it out to play with us!

Ice hands filled with spooky prizes! The kids used salt, water, and hammers to get the prizes out.

Playground shenanigans! 

Cass and Trev tried to break open a hand by throwing it on the concrete... not super successful.

More playing...

The illusive Travis was the official swing pusher.
 More science!
Bubbles filled with fog from dry ice!

Milk, food coloring, and a little dish soap!

Trying to get teabags to fly... the teenagers weren't super successful.

Nonnewtonian fluid!
 It's not a science day without Diet Coke and Mentos!

The little buddies from our preschool co-op!

Three at once!

Bottle rockets!

Dot's best friend Willow. I love the relationship these two have.
 So much playing!

The grown ups were more successful with the flying teabags...

And play...

 And a snack...

It really is an amazing life being almost unschoolers!

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