Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Autumn Celebration!

I took a chance at organizing an event and it turned out great! Everyone brought food to share, crafts, and kids!

First there was leaf pile building and  saying hello to old and new friends:

Then the crafts started!

 Leaf crowns!
And much silliness.

Gluing pictures to glass pebbles to make beautiful stones!
 Salt dough fun!

And then so much playing and climbing!

Big hills!

Delicious food! Many yummy pumpkin treats!

 Lots of sweet littles.

Making her leaf mobile!

I think they like each other...

What a beautiful view.
 Then a run up the hill...
 ...for a group picture...
 ...and a wild run and roll down!

Signing for water after the run down the hill!
I brought laminated leaves to make mobiles out of for my craft. I think ours turn out pretty cute!


My mess up. I accidentally had all these leaves touching so I couldn't separate them.

Dot's creation!
It's always a good time when we get together with our unschoolers!

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