Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trailside Park with the Unschoolers and Morning Crepe Making.

Friday was a beautiful warm day and we made the drive to a really cool park about 30 minutes from where we live to hang out with our unschoolers. The park has a skate park and trails to mountain bike on and a few different play grounds.

I managed to get pictures of most of my crew, except Cass. That kid is stealthy when he wants to be!

So much running, jumping, swinging, and playing!

Callie joined us for her first unschooler even!

Time to skate and scoot!


Dot says Willow is her BFF

The next morning the boys were at their dad's house so the girls and I decided to make crepes for a friend who was coming to visit.

While we were cooking we found this little moth fluttering around the kitchen so we caught him to look at his pretty colors and fluffy face.

No pictures of the finished crepes because we ate them too fast and friends were a great distraction from photo taking.

It's a beautiful life.

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