Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Monday

An average Monday around here. The girls stayed in PJ's all day. Some days are like that.

 Playing Candy Land before Mom goes to the gym.

 Doing some math .

 Playing with Reading Rainbow on the Kindle in her "bed fort".

 Mom and Dot cuddle time.

 Working on the story line for our "Walking Dead" role playing game beta run on Sunday.

 Reading and listening to music on the Kindle. Sharing secret candy with Mom.

 Under table fort.

 Bread baking helper.

 I'm trying to switch to making all my own bread. So far so good!

 Easy dinner. Red beans and rice with kielbasa. Everyone agrees it's totally yummy!

Writing letters to far away family.

 Doodling and video games. (And wine for Mom!)

Dot spends more time trying to eat these markers than color with them... don't let the pictures fool you.

Things not pictured: More online school work. A trip to the gym and grocery store. A fort/rocket ship built to go see Nana. Chutes and Ladders rejected for being "stupid". Bath time. Cuddles. Laundry.


  1. Hooray!! Beckie bloggesses!! And I get to see ALL your babies, and not just the two that hang off your body!! : ) xxoo

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