Monday, January 26, 2015

Sushi and Waffles and Gaming, Oh My!

This weekend was quite delightful. As a full time stay at home/homeschooling mom I  don't get a whole lot of "me" time, except for my gym time 3 days a week and grocery shopping. Usually this isn't a big deal for me. I enjoy my time with my kids and our adventures together.

Weekends the boys spend with their paternal grandparents and their dad. (This means that any adventures we take on the weekend when Travis is home the boys miss out on, unless they decide to stay with us. Divorce sucks.) Travis is home and gives me some time off from being the sole care giver for the girls which is so nice. Weekends are time to relax for me and it's oh so nice.

Travis worked ten days straight, from Tuesday the 13th through Thursday the 22nd. By Friday my nerves were frazzled and I needed a moment to breath. I took the kids swimming with our awesome unschooling group, then Travis took Alex to a friends house to teach them how to put together the hardware for a desktop computer. He didn't get home until 7pm. We drove the boys to their grandparents and on the way home we stopped at Crown Burger to get me something to eat because I had forgotten about food since breakfast, which is what I sometimes do when I'm stressed.

When we got to the house the girls were soundly sleeping in their car seats so Travis sent me in the house to eat in peace. I poured a rum and root beer and ate while serfing the internet. It was a delight.

The next morning Travis told me to take a day to myself. His mom (Grandma Debbie) was coming over to start the process of making biscotti and help him with the girls. So, around noon, off I went!

I went and drank coffee and worked on the final touches of the table top role playing game Alex and I had been developing. (More about that in a minute)

When that was finished, I went and bought new smelly things for my van, one of which smelled like a perfume my sister wore in the late 80's or early 90's (think "ex'cla-ma'tion") and now it makes me smile every time I get in the car.

Since I was at the mall I decided to try and find some jeans that fit and a new shirt with a coupon I had for Torrid. I actually succeeded and I didn't even cry while trying on jeans! VICTORY!

After the clothing success, I bought celebratory Orange Julius and pretzel bites!
It was a nice relaxing day and I'm heading in to this week feeling ready for anything!

To top of a wonderful day of relaxation Travis ordered some of my favorite sushi for dinner. We sat at the table and took our time enjoying each roll. Emie ate an entire salmon hand roll and half of a special roll (called a "flower" roll with salmon, tuna, avocado, and carrot) all by herself!

 Sunday morning started with Travis made waffles and some Aladdin on the computer for our viewing pleasure!

At 2pm it was the test run for our table top role playing game. It's based in the world of "The Walking Dead". Even though 1/2 of the people we thought were coming had to cancel last minute (stupid winter illnesses!!!) we had a really great time!

Katherine was the most  energetic of our players, obv.

Cassidy had some trouble with his dice rolling 1's...

Our amazing survivors! Chapstick LaRue, Armless McLego, BluGuy LegoGun, and CoughDrop.

There are definitely a few quirks I need to work out to make combat run more smoothly, but I think it went really well and everyone seemed to have fun!

I definitely feel like this week is starting on a high note!

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