Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two long beautiful days. Day 2 1/21

 Today we went to the Tracy Aviary for the first time! 


 Bundled up because it was about 35 degrees out!

 So many birds and lots of friends both old and new! (Alex didn't want to go to the Aviary so he skateboarded around the park instead. I'm learning the art of trust and letting go. It's hard for me sometimes to remember how much freedom I had at his age and to extend the same trust to him.)

 Immediately after the Aviary we dropped the boys off at home to do some coursework and the girls and I headed to the aquarium to meet Lisa and Baby K. 

This sounded like a brilliant idea at the time but both Emie and Dot had a rough go of it. I think they were both just tired. I felt like we rushed through because Dot was constantly on the verge of a melt down.

Also- I totally forgot to bring decent snacks for Dot so Lisa came to the rescue and shared some of Baby K's snacks with her! Thank goodness for awesome friends!

 Baby K is a serious beauty.

 They were cleaning the shark tank today!

 She gets her good looks from her mama!

 Emie said this guy was "her new BFF". Sorry Vi!

 Can't get enough of this girls face!!

 She was so proud she climbed it all by herself!

 And home. Depression Cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert tonight.

 Bath time! 
(Go ahead and judge the condition of my grout. If you're that kind of person you should probably just stop reading this blog now.)

Not pictured:

Dinner was Maple Dijon Chicken with an epic salad of deliciousness. I'm thinking I might start posting recipes for things because why not. And I really love cooking.
Emie and Dot being typical exhausted small people all evening.
An argument with a teenager about freedom and cell phones and boundaries.
Travis taking care of bed time so I could take a little me time to drink wine and post these blogs.

A good life. We have it.

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