Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two long beautiful days. Day 1. 1/20

 This morning started out super mellow. Some Signing Time for Dot...

 ...some Kindle time for Emie.

 Coloring book "reading" while Mom works on stuff on the computer.

 Dozy dogs.

 Then it was time to get ready to go jump around at the wAIRhouse with our unschooling group!
Alex is a pro at baby dressing.


 "Mom! Did you see me jumping?!"

 Trampoline basketball with friends we hadn't seen in a while. I think holidays might be harder on homeschoolers than other kids. It's hard to get together when there are so many familial and other obligations during the late fall/ early winter months. Homeschool kids don't spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week with their friends during the fall months so that lack of contact is a little tougher, I think.

 At the same time, I see these more organic friendships building (age doesn't matter so much when you're not forced to only socialize within your school grade level) and they seem so much stronger than any of the friendships they had with classmates, save a few.

 The little kid area is Emie's favorite place to be. There are dress up clothes (for boys and girls!) and bounce houses and other goodies.

 I promised myself when I got my fancy new camera last month that I would make an effort to "stay in the picture". (Here I am! I'm here! I'm HERE!)

 Helping the littlest...

 ...who doesn't want your help!

 Home again home again. Dot loves my shoes and tells everyone "BYE!" when she puts them on and walks around.


 The boys receive "LootCrate" every month (Thanks Papa!) and it's full of geeky goodies! This months theme was "flashback" or something similar. Everyone wanted to try on the 8bit sunglasses.

 Doesn't my little pony eat with your family every night?

 It's Taco Tuesday, so we watched Lego Movie while we ate.

 Emie's letter to our far away family got addressed and stamped so she could put it in the mailbox in the morning.

 Mellowing out with some online games with friends.

 A late evening trip to the library with Emie because we needed a new audiobook for the car. We always end up with a couple books and a stack of movies too.

 Alex watched Dot while Emie and I went to the library. Dot tends to fall asleep in his arms, so he put her to sleep in his bed. (This looks sweet, but she woke up a hour or so later and didn't go back to bed until almost midnight. Devil baby.)

Emie got to watch her Strawberry Shortcake movie from the library while I folded clothes and we waited for Daddy to get home.

 Not pictured:

 Chocolate Depression Cake made after an emergency trip to the store for sugar. (And ice cream, because yum.)
Some curriculum work.
Some house work.
Some tantrums.
Some bickering.
Some normal life.

Carry on.

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