Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alex's photog skills, card games, and cookies

Some days don't have a lot to photograph. Some days I need to run errands and dither about whether the boys are doing enough curriculum work. Monday was like that. Cleaning, the gym, grocery shopping, school work, board games with Emie, video games, and skype sessions.

When the day finally dwindled out Alex retreated to his room in the basement to read and Cassidy and I sat down to a heated game of Skipbo. The girls watched over the proceedings.

As soon as Travis got home he wanted in on the game. I whomped them the first round and Travis took us out the second. Next time Cassidy and I are going to gang up on him to take him down!!

Tuesday was a zoo outing. The morning was nice and easy as we dressed and packed snacks for the day. Travis baked some of the biscottis he and his mom had made the dough for on Sunday.

We invited some friends from my facebook homeschooling/unschooling groups to join us at the zoo, but as far as we can tell no one made it out. There were hardly any people there so we had a really nice time wandering at our leisure.

Alex wanted to take pictures with my fancy new camera, so he took off on his own. He gave me permission to share my favorites here. I think he did really well!

After we got home, I made our bread for the week, did some laundry. The kids played some games. Emie played with kinetic sand. I made spaghetti for dinner...and a corn dog for Emie.... and chicken nuggets for Dot.... and a giant salad for me... Apparently, I'm trying to earn my "Short Order Cook" merit badge. My dad would be proud.

The Team Fortress 2 action never stops in this house!

Cheese and nuggets and fruit sooth the savage toddler.

Don't you line up and color coordinate your Frozen fruit snacks before consuming them? 
It was a nice couple of days.

Oh, by the way, if you think we did all of this and my house is still clean and my laundry is all done and I have an organized ANYTHING in my house, you're wrong.

My house is a disaster and the laundry to fold has piled up in my room again. My floors need to be cleaned and my kids all need baths. It's about balance and rolling with it and letting things slide because life keeps happening and that's totally okay.

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